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Like you, we understand feeling exhausted yet constantly driven to do more.

Will You Ever Be or Do Enough?

You have the amazing job, beautiful family, friends... BUT you wonder when will you ever feel real joy. You have always had this "I can, so I should" attitude, but you are left feeling exhausted and empty. We both know that the burned-out woman doesn't get that promotion. Learn to balance YOU–not the work-life balance BS.

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Learn the
Healing Power
of No.

You're a victim to never saying no and feel you're at the mercy of everything outside yourself.
You tell yourself, "Say yes, be the good girl," but just can't keep everyone happy forever.
You are endlessly exhausted. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn to stop wanting to be liked and start being respected.

Nat – Mom of two & runs two businesses

Caroline – Executive & mom of three
Caroline – Executive & mom of three

How Coaching with Marie Works


Draw a line in the sand and choose you and the pursuit of your Joyful Success.


Shoulder up with a laser-focused coach who has fought for the same change you seek and won't allow you to quit on yourself.


Actually be that peaceful, radiant woman you always dreamed of becoming!

Jen in action
Jen in action

Jen - Product Marketing Executive

Why Marie?

Marie has been where you are. A badass executive to all the major TV and film studios AND adopted her beautiful daughter on her own. She felt like she was drowning trying to balance it all and refused to believe that this was what life was going to be like forever. It worked for her and countless other women. Why not you?

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Kate - Lawyer with two kids
Kate - Lawyer with two kids

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Coaching for Badass Executive Women

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