It’s never too late to have the life you’ve always wanted.

Marie knows what it means to have purpose in both personal life and at work, and she's on a mission to teach other crazy busy women how they can have a life filled with Joyful Success!

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Marie Garvey is a warrior for women who need to stand in their power. She founded Crazy Busy Women in Balance in 2018 to help women who are feeling stretched too thin to find clarity and an effective path toward success without sacrificing their dreams, priorities, or life!

As an entrepreneur and a single working mom, Marie understands the challenges that come from trying to find work-life balance. Marie believes in supporting other women and building meaningful connections with the women she coaches. Marie has helped numerous individuals and companies strategize and navigate communication as a strategic communicator, executive coach, media spokesperson, and a business “therapist”.

Life is not meant to be lived in survival mode — you can take back control of your life and recover a sense of freedom and joy you thought was lost forever.

Marie Garvey

Here is a snapshot of some of Marie's experience:

Leading coaching programs to train executives on how to handle crisis situations, media interviews, presentations, power communications, executive presence, and work-life balance.

Training Fortune 500 C-suite executives, generals, lawyers, award-winning filmmakers, and actors.

Working with prominent brands across an array of high-profile disciplines, including entertainment, media, sports, retail, hospitality, real estate, and more.

A few of her clients across different industries…


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