Burned Out? Don’t Ignore These Signs!

Do you feel like the amount of stress and pressure you are under at the moment is through the roof? Are you afraid that you are losing your grip on things at work, and getting more and more exhausted? Do you struggle to complete projects and set goals?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then there is a strong chance that you might be experiencing executive burnout. As more and more senior positions in the workplace are occupied by female professionals, burnout in women is becoming dangerously widespread.

Would you like to find out how to recognize burnout in either yourself or a colleague, and learn what to do about it? Keep reading.

A Complete Lack of Interest and Involvement

Up until some time ago, you would feel wonderfully proud and accomplished whenever you achieved something great at work. Now, though, those feelings seem to have disappeared, only to be replaced by a general sense of detachment and even cynicism: one of the telltale signs of burnout.

Physical and Mental Exhaustion

It doesn’t matter how many hours you sleep, every morning you feel exhausted, and getting out of bed and ready for work is a real struggle. Emotionally, things are not going much better. Your relationships are suffering from your total lack of care and interest when in the past you used to be a very loving and nurturing person.

Loss of Enjoyment, Isolation, and Pessimism

On top of the physical and mental symptoms mentioned above, you might also feel incapable of enjoying the things in life that had always made you happy. This, in turn, can lead you to seek isolation, feel pessimistic about the future, and develop symptoms of depression.

How To Fight Executive Burnout and Find Your Old Self Again

Did you recognize yourself in the previous paragraphs? There’s no need to feel defeated or hopeless: there are several things that you can do to fight your burnout.

First of all, you could consider speaking to your doctor, who might recommend either some talking therapy, coaching programs, or medication, or a combination of all three. Then, you’ll need to make some changes to your overall lifestyle. For example, try to incorporate “mandatory” relaxing times into your day, every day.

In addition to this, you want to train yourself to say “No”. Feeling burned out often happens as a result of taking on too much stuff and carrying a huge burden, when you could easily drop some responsibilities or delegate.

Last but not least, practice some “tech-free days”. Force yourself to put your electronic devices in a drawer for at least one day, and cultivate other creative, pleasant activities instead.

It’s Time to Take Action

If you are one of the many women who are currently struggling with executive burnout, then you’ll need to take action quickly.

At Crazy Busy Women in Balance, we can help you! See how you can work with me, and to finally start living the life that you want and deserve.

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